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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Trailer - Finale Breakdown


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and then you go to Danny she feels empty it wasn't what she threw it was it's not enough

every single thing is lasted to this point and that she is alone we will go is part of us that part that goes I'm going to put that chocolate cake down I'm going to walk away because I'm up against his moral conundrums all the time but there's things that you wrestle within yourself

she knows she is one this war

it's in that moment when she makes the decision to make this personal

it's one of my favorite Amelia performance moments because it took place on the back of like a giant green

dragon Buck without a real thing anywhere in sight

I mean is really nice and she cares a whole bunch of things that Danny Isn't So reaching this part of Donnie is it stuff Cove ultimately she is who she is and that's a Targaryen and you know she has said repeatedly throughout the show I will take what is mine with Fire and Blood and in this episode she does it


how do you want it about how well he got

everyone is Charlie this is going to be my Game of Thrones season 8 episode 6 finale trailer video obviously there's so much to talk about we have to talk about the footage was actually happening or reaction to all this and then all the things in the background that the show is paying off from the books and what George RR Martin's supposed book and thing is going to be in whether or not that's going to be different from the shows ending I've seen a lot of questions about that recently like if the shows doing this ending does that mean the George RR Martin is going to change his book ending so I will add some clips from that George RR Martin himself has said a lot about that in the last couple of months and season 8 is premiered so if you're new to the channel be sure to subscribe to get all the Game of Thrones videos I will be talkin about the Game of Thrones prequel TV shows in the next week because that'll be the next big thing

we'll move on to this summer after they start shooting it after the Game of Thrones finale so obviously the next couple of weeks will be us talkin about the finale in the series is a whole trying to put everything in the context but there is a bonus episode of the kind of air sort of like an episode 7 the week after the finale are so two more weeks technically of Game of Thrones you should be able to watch that episode the same way you watch all the other Game of Thrones episodes so no worries in there is a new round of that HBO now giveaway to all you have to do to enter be a subscriber and leave a comment on the video so starting with a British we have Jon Snow and Davos walking through the wreckage of the city trying to take it all in Tyrion doing the same thing in a separate part of the city with the same look of shock and horror on his face that he had after season 7 episode 4 what do deers attack the Lannister Troop

there's a shot of Aria walking around the unsullied troops looking up at the nearest as she walks out of the red keep to address everyone a y chart of the unsullied in formation and all the Dothraki cheering in Victory with a rock-solid high big surprise if you thought that all the Dothraki were killed during the long night episode it was so much confusion after episode 3 that they had to come out and say no they lost half of their forces because the way they filmed it made it seem like that went out of way differently then you get that final shot the nearest slowly walking out from behind to make the post-war victory speech in Proclamation about her new world order so to speak this is how everything is going to be in my new kingdom for the thing is is the music through this whole trailer is very ominous and you look at all the Dothraki for

directions marching around in synchronicity in all this symmetry seems very Sinister within that context you can make as many Illusions or comparisons to real-world tyrants but obviously I think this is just the beginning of what could potentially being a run at a mad Queen so even though she kind of turned during the episode in do you Clark tries to explain that how did are sort of succumbed to the worst things within her how we all fight that moral conundrum in the way she sort of talks about a dinner spiraled out of control so this is just the beginning of that descend and you have all these other characters the main characters trying to figure out what they're going to do about it next a lot of them look really confused except for Arya Stark so we have a situation where the nearest is Basking in the ashes of her Victory I don't want to be the queen of Ashes

but yet look at all these ashes falling around her and I think they're trying to mislead you a little bit into thinking that Aria is going to be the person to end the threat of the nearest like she's clearly got that look on her face like she's developing a plan sweetie I think she wants to try and deal with the nearest but think about it this way there's still a chance that the show could pay off a couple really big George RR Martin prophecies from the books of A Song of Ice and Fire the prophecy of Azor ahai the prince who was promised it a couple of daenerys's biggest vision from the house of the undying that we're just now seeing on full. Screen particularly the one of her in the iron throne room but also cover the other ones in there too because you re-examine those Visions in the context of what's happened the last couple of episodes and they mean very different things and like you talk about foreshadowing

the official poster is drogon eyes transposed with the Iron Throne I think the Daenerys is going to wind up destroying the Iron Throne literally withdraw gone because aegon the Conqueror when he was making the Iron Throne had to use balerion the black dread to melt all the sores down there been a lot of book readers ever since Dance with Dragons was published that have wondered if Daenerys is going to be Jon Snow's Nissa Nissa within the Azure High prophecy that's just one of George RR Martin's biggest prophecies that seemingly foreshadows the end we just all been thinking about it in the wrong context did it was all about the night King when really it seems like it's more about this end game with Jon Snow and Daenerys if you're not familiar with the full text of the story of his or hydras like this Darkness lay over the world

hero is there a high was chosen to fight against it to fight the darkness as or high needed to forge a hero's sword he labored for 30 days and 30 nights until it was done however when he went to temper it in water the sword broke he was not one to give up easily so he's started over the second time he took 50 days in 50 nights to make the sword even better than the first two temperature this time he captured a lion and drove the sword into it's hard but once more the steel shattered the third time with a heavy heart for he knew beforehand what he must do to finish the blade he work for a hundred days in a hundred nights until it was finished this time he called for his wife Nissa Nissa and ask her to Bear her breasts he drove this

poured into her living hard her soul combining with the steal the sword creating lightbringer the red sword of Heroes then the story goes on to say that is or a high didn't fight alone he had people helping him and he thrusts his blade through a monster in the monster burst into flames so for the past six seven eight years maybe even longer than that for some people have wondered if the nearest will be Jon Snow's Nissa Nissa he'll kill her to prevent her from becoming fully Mad Queen a quote-unquote forge lightbringer by thrusting longclaw through her heart that would also fulfill the nearest is prophecy in the house being dying the three headed dragon three treasons you will know once for blood once for gold and once for love because Jon Snow loves the nearest too much to see her

turn into the Mad Queen the Easter eggs that they're paying off from the nurses Visions in the house of the undying you probably recognize the couple of them to particularly the destroyed iron throne room because the nearest was literally destroying the red keep during last night's episode the three heads of the Dragon prophecy goes like this Three Fires you must like one for life one for death and one for love three mouths you must ride when did bed one to dread and 1/2 love three treasons you will know once for blood once for gold in once for love to remember this is a book prophecy they didn't do it on the TV show because some of the characters that fill this prophecy are characters that the TV show did not wind up doing of the Three Fires you must like one for life was Khal Drogo funeral pyre

little louder Three Dragons to hatch one for death was the burning of the Dothraki cows during season 6 on the show one to love was the metaphorical fire that she lit in her heart for Jon Snow loving someone again after Khal Drogo like she told thoughts earlier this season the last man that I love was taller so that means that she never truly loved Daario Naharis so sick burn on Dario but like it last night's episode they're standing in front of that fire while she's confessing her love for Jon Snow and he reject her so you can also interpret it that way two of the three mouths you must ride the one to bed was either a Khal Drogo or you could look at it as the White Horse to Khal Drogo gave her on their wedding night it's name was silver one to dread was drogon they called balerion the black

red you dread dragons and the Wonder Love is obviously Jon Snow she mounted Jon Snow of the three treasons you will know once for blood 1-4 gold once for love the one for blood was illyrio probably because in the books we find out the book aegon was really his son and he's a Targaryen bastard not a true Targaryen like they're telling me is this a hold of the story line that the show is cut out with the golden company in a whole other version of egg on that might wind up being a lirios illegitimate son the one for gold was brown Ben plumm in the books he's one of the second sons who betrays Daenerys to join the opposing yunkai Army when she was still fighting them then obviously the Betrayal for love is probably Jon Snow when he kills her like I said because he loves her

too much to allow her to turn into full mad Queen like the Mad King her father that would be the Bittersweet tragic ending the George R Barn has been a warning it's about this whole time and when you think about daenerys's Visions in the house of the undying on the TV show in that Bittersweet context the scene in The Throne Room makes a lot more sense now she's Victorious she's won the Iron Throne she's taking King's Landing but the castle is in Ruins only because she's destroyed it herself and instead of snow falling around then because it's still winter is the ashes of everything that she's just burned so she's in the throne room she's the queen of ashes and she doesn't actually get the touch the Iron Throne she comes within hands reach of it that has to turn away to walk through the door which an earlier contacts before

we got in these final episodes most of us thought was just her getting a vision of the coming of the night King like she would go beyond the wall she would lose the Syrian but now when you think about the potential ending of the show to nearest dying at Jon Snow's hand this vision of her walking through the door might be her leaving the world of the living a vision of her death like she's passing into the Afterlife it makes a lot more sense than that she sees Khal Drogo in her baby Ray go because they're in the afterlife now if she were to die then she would join them in death and get to see them again depending on what you actually think happens after death within the world of A Song of Ice and Fire Jon Snow claims that he saw nothing he claims it was all just Blackness so think a lot of that is open to interpretation so it seems like George RR Martin has always been

foreshadowing did the nearest would be the final threat of A Song of Ice and Fire based on a lot of the internal monologue she gets during her POV chapters in what her fate would be at the hands of Jon Snow based on one of the clues that he lays in all these prophecies and foreshadowing I think the biggest criticism of the show is it the show is just in a very poor job at adapting that narrative in pacing it out so that all the character turns in foreshadowing make sense by the end that's probably the biggest, that I've seen about this last season his way to rush we really needed a couple more seasons to do the story justice so then you ask how different is the TV show ending going to be from George RR Martin's book ending in A Song of Ice and Fire so here's the clip of would George RR Martin had to say about that

I don't think Dan and Dave's ending is going to be that different from my end and because of the conversations we we did have

but they may be uncertain secondary characters that made the big differences he's trying to say that the ending won't be exactly the same they'll be a lot of secondary characters and lesser stuff that's a little bit different from the players will be a little bit different but the biggest characters like Jon Snow Daenerys Arya Stark Tyrion all the things that happened to them will be pretty much the same thing that happens to them at the end of the book story the follow-up question that I know a lot of you have those that now that everyone's going to know the ending of the story will Martin go back in and change a bunch of things because it's going to take him here's and years to finish dream of spring we don't even have Winds of Winter yet this is another clip of him talking about whether or not he would change his story just because people start to figure out what the ending might be

but what are you do then do you change it and come up with something Goofy and outlandish that you haven't led the you haven't done the the foreshadowing for that you haven't laid the foundation for just an order to surprise people and made sure I could have like aliens come down and that would certainly surprised the hell out of everybody know when is predicting that but it would ruin the series he's giving that interview a couple different times and he always says pretty much the same thing so even though a lot of side plots my change little bit the really big oryx and the really big beats for the huge characters won't change that much so obviously it's going to probably be like 10 or 12 years before we actually find out what the real book ending is for dream of spring so we'll check back in 10 to

years later to see how different the TV show ending was but like I said what's going to happen is is the Game of Thrones prequel will start filming this summer there's actually three in development but only one of them is shooting right now that's going to Premiere next year in George RR Martin is working with other people not Dan and Dave Dan and Dave are not involved with the Game of Thrones prequel TV series that all they're going to go off and do their own thing so they won't be involved with the Game of Thrones franchise anymore after this I'll talk a little bit about what's going on with those prequel TV shows in the next couple of weeks but leave all your requests in the comments below obviously I'll be doing a Q&A video so leave all your questions in the comments for that to congratulations the giveaway winner from my last big video machete yo please email me on the about page of my channel so I can get your details click here for my game

Roseanne season 8 episode 5 video from last night and click here for my episode 4 video thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome I'll see you guys tonight
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