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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Review and Breakdown



hey everybody how's it going this is max buzz talks and I am back with the final Game of Thrones season 8 finale reaction and review episode was okay and ask some positives and ask some negatives I think it wrapped it up as best as I could but also introduce some plot points that I'm sure a lot of people are not too happy with the first thing I want to say about this episode is that it was very very well shot every shot almost communicated a certain purpose showing Daenerys ruling over King's Landing showing the wings of drogon behind her back all this episode was really well directed on top of that the acting was phenomenal seem Tyrion take bricks off of Cersei and Jaime

was heartbreaking scene John talking to Daenerys moments before he knew he would kill her was hard to watch so all-in-all I think the cast in The Show wrapped up their characters very well but that takes me to the writing of the show know I've had some positive experiences with the writing of the show but also this season there have been definitely some weak spots and this episode all-in-all felt like two totally separate episodes with two totally different fields the first half was the lead up to the nurse's death and I thought this was excellent I love John and Tyrion Davos and other characters walking along the destruction of Kings Landing

finding the burned bodies of children and injured civilians in King's Landing I thought the scene of Grey Worm about to execute the Lannisters very powerful and John almost having a standoff trying to protect the Lannister men I thought that was genius and it further brought home the world that Daenerys wants to bring

I love seeing Daenerys speech because she spoke in the Valerian tongue showing even more than she's a foreign Invader and she does not belong in Westeros and I kind of cute even more into her Madness of constantly wanting to liberate people wear the realization that Tyrion has is that her Liberation will never stop she will constantly be going from place to place until everyone submits to her rule which in her mind is the right thing to do so I really did enjoy Tyrion coming full circle and accepting that Daenerys is not the right fit I thought him throwing off the hand of the queen pin was extremely powerful and that's another thing this episode did that was very well done and that's the interaction between characters I like seeing John interact with t

Tyrion was the first person to teach John about perspective over the wall to learn about the stories of his brothers and here Tyrion was almost giving John another lesson and I guess that's what led John Tusa still his Destiny and then that led to the death of Daenerys which I'm sure most of us are coming and the Eyrie part of this scene was that Daenerys really didn't feel like anything was wrong and she thought that her and John could just continue their relationship without any issues even telling John that they can rule together and I like this scene because John keeps questioning Daenerys almost hoping that she gives the right answer and John and tears it confirms everything he needs to know what he ends up killing Daenerys

I did think they really brushed over daenerys's reaction I would have liked to see a little bit more and I thought it was a shock when drug on burn the throne I guess that's the first hand of symbolism that the show offered even though I did wonder how droge on knew that the throne should be destroyed in the first place so to my surprise drogon took Daenerys and peace doubt they just left and this raps the first half of the episode and a really made me upset about Jon Snow's character this character was the main character since season 1 and I feel like he was really misrepresented in this season this wasn't a good finish to Jon Snow

him killing Daenerys was his full purpose of the show even though we had reveal after review of him being a Targaryen about him being a legitimate Targaryen about all the interactions that he had with the night King but none of that was important he was only really meant to kill Daenerys with jazza show viewer makes me feel like I wasted my time especially since John always handled himself with such an honour but yet he was in such a denial this whole season about Daenerys being his Queen even though it took a while he ultimately made the right decision but I think John's overall character was really misrepresented in under used instead of John fighting the night King Aria killed instead of John witnessing the ash

of the civilians of King's Landing and the destruction that his love Daenerys brought to them Aria experience that so John was just kept the long for this moment and after setting up a character whose Fire and Ice life and death he's the king of perspective who constantly brings people together they undermine him. Comes out I'm sure after a while with all the Lords & Ladies of Westeros and they decide to elect a new king edmure Tully comes up and it's made it to a joke but not one person mentions Jon Snow because he's being kept prisoner by the unsullied so they elect brand of broken keeper of stories they explained it as well as they could to justify bro

and being King is the Storyteller stories bring people together he lives in the past but that is one aspect to what makes a good King John had everything else and then brand had this cute little line where he says that's why he's in King's Landing was to be king bran was playing the game of thrones and his first order of business is to do John dirty he decided to send his brother back to Castle black I guess he took a note from Searcy on Poetic Justice so all-in-all as a show I think brand being King is probably the least climactic thing ever just the tip if your a showrunner and you want a character to be king don't leave them out of a season brand wasn't even in season 5

did you want a character to be king develop their character I feel like they wasted our time with Jon Snow because they told a logical story of a person who could become king and threw us a curve ball on some random who lives in the past to believe they could they could never rule but the worst part in order to spare John they make him take the black for Grey Worm in the unsullied but to my surprise Grey Worm in the unsullied aren't even staying in Westeros they're not even a lord they're not taking over highgarden their sailing back to essos so why the hell is John taking the black grey worm in the unsullied have no say this is Westeros business and they hop of their boat and sail back home and poor John is left going back to the wall

to defend nothing to be the shield that guards the Realms of snow so John's going to spend the remainder of his days at the wall the Lord of cripples bastards and broken things at least he has ghosts and torment but then we see King's Landing and a couple surprises here I expected this show to break the wheel and there was a lot that I liked about the king's Council I love that Tyrion is the new hand of the king I think that's the perfect place for him but in order to Build a Better World I don't think Braun should be there this is supposed to make us feel alleviated and strong like we watch 8 seasons for a reason and having Braun there is like having any other unqualified person sitting on the throne how am I supposed to be

believe that Bron is the master of coin and Lord of the reach is supposed to lead West Rose to a better world he was sitting there debating on building Braunfels rather than feeding the poor and rebuilding what's been lost I love seeing Sam via Maestra thought that was amazing but he finished writing a book on A Song of Ice and Fire but I just have to ask what about this show was A Song of Ice and Fire this show was about the Game of Thrones The Song of Ice and Fire was about Jon Targaryen and Stark and he's gone maybe use about the night King but he was just killed by Arya Stark

so I have a hard time justifying calling this story A Song of Ice and Fire because it wasn't but that goes on to Brienne and I did really like this scene and I said it before in a previous video. Jamie being known as kingslayer is going to change and I'm glad that Brienne got to rewrite his legacy I thought that was a very powerful scene and send off to the character and then we go to Winterfell and I think songs of play the ultimate role here and she's exactly where I wanted her to be when they're voting on who will be king songs of pulls her vote because she's no longer a part of the Seven Kingdoms she demands their independence and brand grants it to her if she takes her place as Queen in the north and I thought that was great songs it gets her happy ending

Brian sits on the throne Arya gets to leave and do her dream of sailing west of Westeros and John has to take the black to make peace with people who aren't even from Westeros and don't even want to be in Westeros and it's even worse that we spend so much time with this character and now his legacy is going to be defending the wall from nothing I feel like they made a joke of John story at least have them to feed the night King since he was so heavily foreshadowed in the past but instead they just made a joke of his end branded and dirty and sent him North even though that wasn't necessary and he could have provided a lot of value to this Council even said that they missed a couple members of the council John would have been the perfect person to build

better Westeros fallen and bring the wildlings and the Knights wash together we followed him bring the wildlings and the north together we followed him bring Daenerys and the north together and then risked his life to bring peace between Searcy and the rest of Westeros this character was made to bring peace he's isenfyre life and death he's everything but even though he's all that for some reason his brother brand sent him North

biggest people who are from essos demanded it and when John started walking North I got excited because even though the story wasn't going the way I wanted to I remember this quote

I know we always talked about seeing the world together will you be able to come visit me Castle black when you better

we can go out walking down the road he not afraid said this

perhaps I can find him

to carry on with the rest

I thought we would see John go walking beyond the wall with brand but we didn't so all in all I think it's a cool idea that Brian is broken he's a king as a cripple Tyrion is Hand of the king and is a dwarf and is a broken thing

focusing on the idea of cripples bastards and broken things coming into Power I just felt like for one this season was rushed to the characters were undermined to serve the plot and we're not properly developed to follow the direction and I feel like a lot of development over the last couple seasons have been wasted so all in all I thought this episode was beautifully shot I liked a lot of powerful scenes but I can't help feeling that I wasted my time I honestly can't say that this world that they're building now will be any better than the ones previously the show hasn't convinced me that brand would be a good King because they've never showed his character

he would be a great council member not a king there's a lot more traits than seeing the past that justifies being King and I feel like John prove that these last eight seasons or even Tyrion would have been a better choice for King in my opinion

but that's how I feel about this episode instead of it being A Song of Ice and Fire it was one giant Game of Thrones please let me know what you think in the comments section down below and until next time I'll see you guys later
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