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S8E6 Finale Preview: This Is How It Ends? - Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 (Finale)


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what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back for my trailer breakdown video for the Game of Thrones season 8 finale it's a little hard to believe we are only days away from watching the very last episode of the series I know many of you have wondered what I will do after Game of Thrones is over I will definitely continue to make videos once the show does end and I do understand that some of you might not want to watch my videos After Game of Thrones is over but like I said I want to continue making videos either way I do want to thank everyone that has supported the channel thus far but anyways let's talk about the season 8 finale the first thing I want to do is look at the different images from the trailer then during the second half of the video I want to talk about the leaks if you do not want to hear about those I will let you know when you should turn off the video These leaks are

becoming unavoidable right now because everyone keeps leaving them in the comments section and I have even seen some other YouTubers make videos about them so I might as well talk about them since I've already seen them now let's look at the images from the final trailer this begins right where we left off in the last episode as you all know Daenerys Targaryen had finally set her sights on King's Landing and the Iron Throne Cersei Lannister did have the opportunity to surrender before anyone had to die but she decided to reinforce King's Landing and our army as well Searcy thought she had a good chance of winning the battle Daenerys and Jon did lose a lot of their soldiers during the Battle of Winterfell and not to mention Danny only had one Dragon so it did seem like Cersei at a chance since she had so many scorpion set up around the city

it did seem like this could be one hell of a final battle but shortly after it started it became very obvious that Circe would not stand a chance this was about as one-sided as you could get Daenerys and drogon could not be stopped even after circe's men surrendered Danny and Drug on level the entire city as well as any civilian that could not find Stables shelter it ended up becoming a Slaughter John and Terry and could not believe what they were witnessing as Daenerys and drogon started to murder thousands of innocent civilians as you can see by the first image from the new trailer we can see the aftermath of the battle for Kings Landing it almost looks as if someone set off an atomic bomb the streets are covered by nothing but skeleton and Ash it looks very similar to

nuclear fallout there is nothing left and that's just goes to show you what a dragon can actually do drug on was able to decimate an entire city and you have to wonder where do we go from here you can see Jon and Davos walking around the street and I'm assuming they are shocked by what is actually left after the battle these are the kind of images that would haunt you for the rest of your life now we all know they had been in battles before and they even seen the night King resurrect thousands of dead bodies but they've never seen anything quite like this I cannot wait to see what it said to Danny when they finally have a chance to talk we haven't actually seen Danny's face since the Bell started to ring in King's Landing after she took off on drug on we never saw her face again all we could see was the Dragon

burning everything in sight I do wonder how Danny was reacting to the thing she was actually doing till all the civilians below her who were running for their lives we also see Tyrion Lannister walking around the streets of the city this was once a city that he called home now it looks like what can only be described as a living nightmare the smell of burnt flesh must be heavy in the air as well as the screams and cries of whoever if anyone that were able to survive this devastating attack I will also be very interested in getting to see what he has to say to Daenerys and another one of these photos we can see that the red keep was not completely leveled to the ground it does look like most of the castle is still intact although we do know the ceiling is gone in some of the areas this is death

Annalise setting up to be very reminiscent a Daenerys targaryen's Vision at the house of the undying this is something I have talked about it many of my other videos before I always had a feeling that Vision could become a reality but I did not think the Narrows would lay waste to the entire city I always thought her main focus would be on the red key since that's where Cersei would most likely try to hide during the battle we can see the castle again in this image but this time we can see some of Danny's Army right out front as they are celebrating their victory over Searcy we can also see Arya Stark as she slowly makes her way to the front of the red key I'm also very interested in getting to see what Arya Stark does next as we all know Daenerys almost killed Aria several times during the attack not to be fair

Danny might not have known Aria was down there in the street but I don't think Aria will give a damn either way and those moments sorry I became one of those civilians and Kingsland she even tried to help a mother and her child during the attack and unfortunately Aria had a front-row seat adjust our Relentless Danny was during the battle area already told John that she did not trust Danny so I can't wait to see what she thinks of her now I would like to thank Aria well want to see her dad some fans say that I will even be Aria who kills Daenerys Targaryen now obviously I do not know for a fact if it will be our area that kills Danny but I think it's safe to assume that she might want to go ahead and take a look at arya's face I'm guessing she is looking right through Danny as she walks back out of the

Redkey I can only imagine what kind of dark thoughts are running through Arias had the only thing that makes me think Aria will not kill Danny is because of what sandor Clegane said to her during their final conversation he tried to make Aria come to the realization that she doesn't want to become him orisha not live her entire life or she is basically only motivated by getting her revenge not to mention I don't think Aria will have to be the one that killed Danny because I am confident there will be several other characters that want to see her dad either way I do want to hear what area has to say most of the other characters who were here for the battle either died in the red keep or they got out of the city before Danny ended up killing them Aria is the one character we know was nearly killed by drug on on cell

all different occasions I would like to see Aria say something about this to John as well I would like to see John's reaction after Aria tells him how Danny almost killed her in the attack we can also see cherry and Lannister looking at someone or something this could also be one daenerys's walking back out of the red key it's obvious he is not happy by the decision Danny made we know that she did agree to stop the attack as soon as the bell started to rain will he continue to stand by Danny side after she done something like that we also have to see what Danny says the pterion it's only a matter of time before she finds out that he was the one that light Jamie out of the chains she did tell him he would no longer be getting any second chances so he might be mad at her but she will also be mad at him

and by the looks of the city I doubt Tyrion is as mad as Danny he could become the next character who gets executed by Danny and you're gone but we shall see these other images are basically just the unsullied standing in formation and the Dothraki celebrating their Victory the last image is somewhat disturbing the city is essentially gone and Daenerys as walking out to a dresser soldiers and maybe even a few survivors from the attack there is something about this image that makes me think Danny will be very happy about what she had just done she always wanted the iron throne and now she has it now she has to ask herself was it worth it

once again I am very interested in getting to hear what Danny has to say I wonder if she will try to justify her actions or if she will show any remorse start of civilians that died considering what she has done it's hard to see how the Narrows can have any type of happy ending after this now the Danny has shown herself to be extremely unstable I don't see how anyone can continue to allow her and Drug on to be together they make for one hell of a dangerous and deadly combination one of them if not both of them will have to die there is no way you would be able to guarantee this will not happen again if you let them live together that would be like letting a mass shooter keep their gun it would only be like a matter of time before they would end up doing it again now I want to move on to the

like I said if you do not want to know how it actually ends I will turn off the video right now so far whoever let out the information has been incredibly accurate I will leave the link in the description on my video in case any of you want to go and read it on your own as far as I can tell this seems to be a legitimate leak from an inside source I say that because they even knew some of the small details that no one would have guessed on their own for instance they knew that the night King's Dragon would have a blue flame coming out the side of its neck after it was injured they knew sandor Clegane would stab his brother right in the eye they knew Aria would be running around the streets of Kings Landing trying to hide from the dragon these are the kind of details that none of us have been guessing I've been making videos for a long time

and so have some other Game of Thrones YouTubers and none of us have seen anyone making these kind of guesses before the episodes came out so like I said this league seems to be extremely accurate all right so in the final episode we should see Danny give a speech at some time this might be what we're about to see in the new trailer it does seem like that is what Danny is about to do whatever she says we'll make some of the other characters very angry Danny will want to go all over liberating slaves from their masters by burning down other cities it sounds like King's Landing might only be the beginning of what Danny now wants to do they say that Tyrion will be very upset so he takes off his hand of the queen pen and he throws it down on the ground Danny will have him arrested and she will

also want him to be executed for letting Jamie Go free now it doesn't say if this next thing happens before or after he is arrested but he will eventually try to convince John that he and his family will no longer be safe since his claim as a threat for the Iron Throne basically as long as Danny is alive John and his family will not be safe now that Danny is killing anyone she thinks is a threat it doesn't actually say if Danny sits on the Iron Throne or not but it does say she gets to see it that seems about right since the red keep wasn't completely knocked down it also looks like Danny as walking back outside in that scene so my guess is that's where she was coming from maybe she walks up to it and turns around like we saw in the vision it does say the Iron Throne will be melted down by the drag

before that happens it also says Jon and Arya will have a conversation right in front of the Iron Throne we know that Jon and Arya are still in the city and we even seen Ari are right in front of the red keep so this does seem like it could happen maybe Aria says something to John about Danny further convincing him that Danny will need to be dealt with although I'm sure John already knows that then it says John will try to talk to Danny but she will only justify all of her actions 1 John realizes there is no stop and Danny he will get close enough to stab her with a sword so it looks like John will be the one that killed Danny not only because he was horrified by what Danny had done to King's Landing but also because she continues to say that she is not done like I said she wants to go to

other cities and basically do the same thing so after John kills Danny he will leave King's Landing and live out the rest of his life in the north this indicates that John will go back to Castle black this may have even been foreshadowed when John and tormund last spoke not to mention that is where Johnson goes so maybe they will be reunited in the end it says the reason why John decides to do this as because of will give up his claim to the Iron Throne essential oil will be exactly like what maester aemon did when he was in line for the iron throne maester aemon even said that story to Jon Snow so that may have been foreshadowing all the way back in the first season now that Danny is dead and John is out of the way the other characters will be left to decide how things are operated from here on out

it says that Bran Stark will become the next king of Westeros then characters like Sansa Davos Sam and maybe some others will be on his Council it says the unsullied will leave to go back across the narrow sea to start liberating slave cities because that's what Danny wanted right before she was killed one of the biggest scenes from the episode will be when Tyrion Lannister is on trial at the dragonpit there will be a lot of other characters there during this Scene It says John and Danny are not there most likely because Danny is dead and John has already went to the north Bran Stark will do the same thing that he did to Littlefinger he knows that Tyrion one said he will never bet against his family Once A Lannister Always A Lannister it says he will be executed but since this scene

shot inside of the studio they do not know exactly how he dies Arya Stark will leave King's Landing most likely never to be seen again so this looks like this is how the season will come to an end since they had basically everything else right I will assume this is right as well let me know what you think will happen in the finale leave your thoughts down below anyways I want to thank you all for watching the video and I also want to thank everyone for supporting the channel I hope you have a great day I will see you again very soon by
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