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A Complete 2020 Marketing Strategy That Requires No Budget | Digital Agency Expo Keynote



the reason I win often is because I'm not worried about the person in the middle

got it. I didn't change for them they changed for me why because I focused on you

you got your perspective

be happy don't worry be happy

I'm super excited to be here obviously you know what's funny this is so literal to my world and it's fun you know because I yesterday I was in Boston and I spoke to 600 jewelry store owners and it felt really warm to me because they're Merchants they own a single store and they sell stuff and that obviously is very much where I come from and then I get to get behind it to have this event where so many of the people in this room the farm majority or doing what I'm currently doing and yesterday was a lot of fun to reminisce and challenged myself to think about what did I do when I had no money which is really basically the framework of the talk which is you know a lot of people in this room that are familiar with my work I talked about a lot of progressive things a lot of things but the reality is I always remember when I kept trying to change the narrative in the late in 2014-15 16 which I didn't build

vibrating just social media I did direct mail it was searched it was email marketing and I took it way back because I knew that a lot of people in the room had no marketing budget and it made me remember something super fun for me which is literally Week 1 out of college no marketing budget I printed a bunch of 20% off buy a case of wine things on a picture I made in some sort of version of old school phone not even Photoshop yet and I was so computer illiterate I couldn't even like know what I was doing and I remember it had a crack literally a crab leg was a default picture of a crab in a beach and I like was like that's fine and I put that there and and then made. It lines and it said 20% on a case of wine on sale items I printed a hundred of them came to the store the next day parked my car ran and opened the store told one of the kids to keep an eye on the

stop and drove to the Short Hills mall and literally put those flyers on windshields for an hour and a half

what's fun about that for me here now is day one Boehner was super funny you know and the reality is I knew nothing about the advertising industry and I had to learn it and I had to build and so it's fun for me to be challenged to remember what I did knowing there's a wide range of people here who are one woman shop to people that are trying to go from 7 to 8 figures very honestly I want to really move this into a very aggressive Q&A session because I think you know just be some how many people hit me up on LinkedIn and on Twitter over the last 24 hours about this before maturity this room at least has some level of context of one of her to talk about or what I believe and I don't think that brings you the most value I think we'll bring you the most value is probably ironically it's fun to see Maribel hear my work very closely with for quite a long time like I'm extremely proud of my operational capability for

those incredible things that I heard you know in the intro just now which are super fancy and really surreal for me to think about what I promised everyone of you when I think about business that I'm most proud of is 21 years ago I walked into my dad's store and he decided cuz he was passionate about it to renovate the house is like family business shit and I was in charge now I've been in the business since I was 14 every weekend every summer vacation my dad knew that I wasn't a schlemiel and I was capable and even the last two years of college I was coming home almost every weekend putting in work but I walked in and from that day to this second I have not raced capital

I've had a payroll to make what blows my mind this is not truly being her because of the scale but I didn't even have a credit line

my library and our invoices were due on 30 days or the distributor would put you on cod cash on delivery which would stop you from being able to buy from any of the Distributors the discipline that I was raised in

2u no hay with what you had

right and so abstract I'm most proud that for 21 straight years I've had to make payroll and I have operations building an actual business so a lot of fancy other things have come along the way but the connection point I feel for this room is quite High I have a lot of thoughts about offense and defense which is playing out and all of your mind and so I'd like to bring as much value as possible so there's two mics that are lined up some I think it's a good idea to line up

good and I think I don't think just a crate a little more framework for the Q&A I know you want to come out and frame the Q&A I just love having you here that was such a good intro they get really good but you know what you know what can I say one thing you said you said this was a disclaimer with somebody like to go out here and tell people that carry like say the f word a lot but then I was like you no swearing intelligence thing it's a market intelligence I was like you but you that you're but we are right at the family clean I'm pretty pumped I know somebody's going to ask a fucking stupid question and this is what I want to inspire come over there still sitting cuz they're either more introverted or lazy or who the hell knows why you didn't get up I I

I'm really passionate about operations and how to build an actual business and it's very hard to produce content for that that can bring enough value and that's why I don't go there I found like listen I think a lot of you have a sense of me there was a very long time where I went nowhere close to anything motivational cuz I've gyro point zero interest in being a motivational speaker even though I know many many people view me that way I'm motivated I'm optimistic I'm deeply grateful and happy and I genuinely do believe that perspective really really matters because if you think you've lost before you started you actually lost that's real that happens to me and things so I have that in me but I promise you please feel free to go very detailed I I don't have a c o l and a thousand people I don't have a c o o cuz I'm operating it

I'm making tangible operational decisions in the back room right now I've just been very very thoughtful of how to create content that scale and post produced it contextual to the platforms that matter but that doesn't take away from the fact I'm spending 11 to 14 hours a day do u c o n c o o of a thousand persons Global agency so I have some thought started from scratch so I can remember and I understand and I know what is worked for me and others got look like me and what is kept a lot of people at the $700,000 a year in Revenue business so I really think I can help so please fire away and I'm really I'm honestly grateful to be here and I appreciate it thank you

my name is the song my name is Robin Wilson and I sat there all day long because I knew that this 55 year old woman would only have a chance of getting here if I was closest to the mic and in the front row so I only do social media marketing at our agency we only do social and email but social mainly on that or front but we serve a very particular vertical we serve Automotive so we're women-owned business ever do social media marketing their leaders 55 years old I can have that gives a shit about anything right and we not only just serve the automotive industry but we really kind of Niche with subprime dealerships that's kind of where are Forte is is that non entender Market yes and so my question it has been because people ask me all the times you guys do digital also which means you know search and we don't because my brain

is only so big and so I don't know whether I need to partner with somebody or just continue to let them find their Outsourcing for that because all digital isn't is a right or just paid or just creative paid and creative understood so I think the answer is extremely personal I think you and everybody else here is not unaware that when you don't provide a service vulnerability that can lead to you losing your service right now we've all been there I think it comes down to and this is actually what is a great way to start I'd literally backstage just made a video and where the people that follow me the most I'm in such post-production film my life mode that the days of five or six years ago when I go straight to camera with the Frog videos rare original programming just for the video is rare for me these days but I'm so compelled right now around this thought that people are not self-aware what makes them happy when they run a business and ever

he just thinks about growth without realizing the next employee for the next hundred dollars is the beginning of the process of you not liking your business anymore

and that's your answer your answer is predicated on you know it's a boner ability in one way it's also a strength in another way you just have to ask yourself are you happy with the level of business that you're at and do you if you're not are you in a place where you think you can get more deep narrow or do you think you need to go wide right on partnering is no right all Partnerships are vulnerable from the get it's inconceivable that another business or human has the same exact interest as you do and something's going to happen eventually

and again this is what makes us fun the heads are not in cuz you lived it you already thought about the shit you did that didn't work and this is right so that's why we never partnered with anybody as my friend I never took a single meeting to partner with anybody because I knew I was going to do everything cuz I'm building it for myself and I had no interest claiming that there are the one that told me to do you know I didn't want to make myself vulnerable to somebody cleaning in a meeting where they were trying to get me to partner with them that when I done did what they did I was a dick ability cuz I knew there was never going to be a scenario where I was going to partner with anybody I was going to do everything

perfect answer thank you let me say one other thing cuz I know this will bring more value to everybody I'm also very big fan when you want to do something else to not do yesterday these thing to do tomorrow

I would much rather lot of people here who are in Social only not going to search and banner and programmatic but start the process of affording the ability to do voice in 40 years is our business will grow much more

I don't think you going to be doing blockchain advertising to guarantee you know consumption of like that's further along than you think or I'm building a VR shop not one person you know goes home and goes and does VR which means we're far away my strength is timing not just seeing it

right like I'm not talk about Tik Tok a whole bunch now cuz I just fucking discovered it I was one of the first uses of musically I'm talking about it now cuz it's on the cusp of getting older and that's why I talked about Snapchat four years earlier I wait to things hit a different level of scale that in companies more consumers


and I build the reason being a got so big was I invested in the things that I thought would be soon and I stayed alive with my salesmanship to get there

thank you

igari how are you I'm great man how you doing what's your name my name is everything agency and we played in Los Angeles and I've asked you be in front of your advice which is Queen content and document entire journey and process about work and actually has been working really really well for so what's interesting is the temperature that sort of us now or must be like entrepreneur salary Asian on the ferry with me exactly who I am and close it without a new graphics and my question to you is besides podcasting why advice would you give us murders in Asia to build a personal brand

but I think podcast is going to be huge growth in that area I also think that you know kol zardes before she advanced in Asia especially mainland China and other places so you know the ability to tap into the influencer ecosystem in the world is quite Advanced I also think that there's an enormous Arbitrage on all the social networks Out in southeast so we opened up Singapore because we think the media costs on Instagram and Facebook and all the and the platforms that play even lying when we go full time to Japan and South Korea are even more underpriced they are in America are Global expansion has been completely predicate on the underpriced nature of the media that we most believe it so the answer is it doesn't change my my answer is always the same what are humans doing and then bring them the most value in that channel I mean again I know a lot of people following at home like the fact that rushing it only came out like 18 months ago as a book

spoke nothing of LinkedIn and Linkedin is the top thing I'm talking about is wild

here's lights wild it's not a new thing it just became underpriced there's a very dark horse chance that I'm going to talk a lot about print and Direct Mail radio and television one day because the market so collapses that the price becomes actually a deal I want to buy outdoor Billboards when they're remanent and I can buy them for 2 months for 2007 34,000 I'm unemotional I can't wait to be at a conference like this and seven years and completely shit on social media

because you have to understand you got I wasn't making content and you weren't following along when I built my entire company's on guys on Google the day came out I bought Google AdWords for $0.05 click the day came out for wine terms that was one of the biggest reasons why on Library group I did email marketing in 1997 heavy it was my religion I-90 fucking percent open rates

like it was unheard of but it was new the same rate right now I'm getting a million I'm getting hundreds and if not thousands of emails a day or Deanna's for people that are thanking me for telling them to go on Tik Tok

it's just Arbitrage but people dig in on the thing they know and aren't willing to kill the thing that got him there that's what's happening in this room you're not willing to kill the thing that got you to the dance when it no longer is the thing that's when you start justifying and start shooting on the new thing which is deeper in the hole that you feel even further behind that's the game

that's the game

thank you you got it

Hancock's just to take a shower this I am about to go to podcast episode 6 guest lineup already will you be open to be my 7th Guest for 15 minutes 2 minutes 15 know what are the two just two minute one question you made a critical mistake

if you have booked for guests

I would have definitely done it is 64 line already there. Corded I could have been the fifth guest I would be in but now I'm going to wait to be the hundred guests

so when I have 100 when you get 99 in the bag you send me this clip and I'll do it done thank you

Gary it is always good to see you my friend

I want to thank you again I always do I send you emails regularly thank you know when it's 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday and I love you for that

following your advice has helped me as you know grow my company in two and a half years from 02

say it a multimillion-dollar business and Mary I'm just so moved because this guy is so real and so genuine and actually cares like really fucking tears because because it because it doesn't come out of mine

the second you understand how much abundance is in the world you will change your behavior absolutely

I mean if you eat people your meat money by literally parroting it directly and I like that that's what I want you to do of course I could have all those customers I just have to get around to it is to hear admiration Trump's finances everyday of the week

so at dinner two years ago you asked me a question and the question was are you building this company to buy tube to to build it and hold it or to build it and sell it

and now I want to get it to the next level to get it to a hundred hundred fifty million for an exit

trying to figure out what our next move is to understand I think building all these companies here is actually to build a hundred-million-dollar agency you have to be in the HR business

like just somebody you want to get to the punch line on the I spend all my time at HR

that's the answer we sell people

and I don't understand how you don't understand you know how we make fun of Rachel probably covered in some way but I'm not sure if she went there when we scrutinize in the DC Community companies that are very good at CAC but suck at LTV they lose you can acquire a company's customers all day long but if you need to hold on to them for 4 months to make it pay off at a drop off after 2 and 1/2 months you're out of business and then when the price of Instagram Facebook ads go out and your tack is going up you're really in deep shit yet we don't talk about LTV how many people because now I'm thinking I forgot lots of people came to give me advice and I you know I'm a nice guy so I was cordial but in my brain I'm like 6 months and I don't even know what I'm doing yet

so your voice is cool but like everyone's like your people going to stay for 18-24 months I'm like nah know your people are going to stay for 18-24 months might stay for 5 10 or 15 years cuz I actually give a fuck about them

the only way you can do a hundred million dollar business is the reason New York Jets are in big trouble right now is their offensive line has no cohesion because they don't ever played together at any level

agencies are like offensive lines they need cohesion

you don't fast you can go

when everybody feels safe and knows what everybody else is good at

yep people are beautiful that are going to loot you know I remember one of things I stop a story on if we lose an account nobody gets fired

cuz I remember knowing that I had to establish that

shit like that all the stuff that nobody's talking about

people always gets better fast Anthony I'm an enigma I do unusual things I talk about my unusual things but everybody wants to focus on the other stuff because of stuff I do is hard

people and one final follow-up don't listen to what he says execute on what he does watch what he does and do it I've built my company doing following his advice and doing exactly what he wrote maps and he gives away his best shit

I directly owe you like there's not enough Wine Library wine taxed empathy I got subscribed to all of them I know you know that to I do that because there's not enough thank yous that I can give you for the value you've given me every fucking person on Earth

hey Gary my name is Trevor unlike the gentleman for you I am pretty nervous so I got a stress ball my friend get it back but the reason why I want to come up here to say thank you I found your content a couple years ago from the Monday morning rant video that you run all the time and the 400 trillion to one kind of really got me cuz right when that video came out I lost my mother to like a two-year multi battle to cancer and I realize there's no reason to do shit you hate him so I wanted I was only twenty-five to fifty percent of this room that was me that was honestly may end it you really changed my life so what I did was I got into I'm like I'm a ninja what SEO I'm going to go like give my services way for free cuz there's no way for me to kind of like going to a business be like yeah I like the way I like reverse-engineered that because of what you said and I ended up doing a lot of business for companies and raising a lot of money and people like how much do I owe you like I don't know like I'm just here.

makeup brand but I done a poor job of like building my own brand that's mainly my question cuz now I'm ready to start scaling is my goal is to give back form of 501 c 3 form a non-for-profit start a chance or charity I'll be off my mom who grew up with literally nothing and gave everything she had so really inspired me so it's not like you're content but I'm now I'm ready to cut in order to do that since I'm working and you executed the dead so you're actually in a much better place than a lot of people who've done a good job amassing followers but actually don't do shit like that are a lot of followers with the company that you have the like they trust me like give their left kidney for me they like testimonials are powerful right I don't think they should be boring like we saw in the 90s but like I think that I think you have built your brand like like every time being agency holding

try to rise on me and play the card of like will tall Gary and his relationships in like yes GE and Pepsi and Chase and Avi are so enamored with me that there are seven and six and eight year clients of us

think they're kind of us because they've gotten results right cuz we execute you no yes maybe I've been more out and about about have approached it but you built your brand you just haven't now manifesting the equity that you're sitting with and this is why I would tell you for everybody here that's looking for new business this moment on LinkedIn many of you felt the good effects many view regretted for not jumping on board of the golden era of Facebook organic reach on pages that we can all agree on that are you kind of wish you took advantage of it when I was screaming about it and most people are doing it I'm going to give you another chance right now it's happening right now it's called LinkedIn LinkedIn is Facebook 2011 right now you have no followers nobody ever knows you you make a video a picture a written word a deck of something you

post it and a lot more people than you think we'll see it

you're welcome

Baby Girl Meets World testimonials by the way not everybody is remarkably handsome and charismatic

find out how you communicate one of the reasons I started making cartoons which I think some of you've seen on LinkedIn or Instagram is cuz I keep trying to find ways to show you that there's a million ways to communicate

you don't have to have gift for gab one take improv ability to go you might write incredibly well and you're seven paragraphs on the current state of long tail SEO post on Instagram on LinkedIn and get the hell out and see three inbound leads is real and it will go away because I'm yelling loud half we'll do it some will do it one will do it and then it will give saturated the attention will be matched by the amount of content ads will go into the ecosystem you understand how many times do you have to see this happen

Wright's Lake how many times do you need me how do you think I dominated social I lived it with search and with email and then I'm like okay now I get it I'm not making the same mistake when I see it

give me people who are struggling to get leaves and winner of peas and get new business and literally the answers LinkedIn right now and now I've said it and still 74% of you next week won't do it

which is how I got into insecurity and parenting and perspective right cuz I couldn't logically understand how this is happening right now and I know 74% of your not going to do it next week I'm like oh right they're scared of judgment alright they don't want their Uncle to say they're stupid work when some Anonymous person says that they're ugly that kills them right that you didn't get the luxury of circumstance and parenting that I had so now let me give it to them I just want to be the collective Shield blame it on me

I'm serious bro let's just do it right now once and for all when was that

just lean on me when somebody leaves a comment and says you're stupid

tell him I told you to post it

tag me I will go in there and rip that fucker apart

baby girl

hey Gary I'm just fantastic I'm I'm just I have to tell you I spoke a little bit earlier right before you and I'm so glad I didn't have to speak after but I really enjoy what you're doing and I have to say one of the things that's challenge my question so I work with experts I help them become more of an authority and I helped him become like influenster the space so a lot of what we do is actually garyvee type stuff and actually confession number to I actually spoke a digital marketers headquarters teaching a strategy that looks a little bit like yours that you talk about video and turn it into food images and social media posts and all that stuff in and you square platform so you can put it on Instagram Facebook LinkedIn everything and just get the most leveraged out of your content my question to you is one of those problems that I do

have the experts that I work with are running businesses mostly their CEO Sounders or agency owners the problems I have it's like pulling teeth getting them to create this content to invest in their own personal Bratz

tell me more

they should film their day

so I I totally get that fight busy yeah they're busy and so with neither you can't

just everybody knows unless you're blogging or you do a podcast for you decide to become a guest on people's one of my best arbs is being a guest on people's bucket episode 100

but here's why it works I get to win twice I know and it makes me feel good that when he has me on his guests from episode 101 honor to be better cuz he's going to leverage that I was a guest that makes me feel nice number 2 when I do that interview I'm going to be filming it he's going to ask me a question that's going to take me the direction that maybe I wouldn't have gone otherwise that answer becomes a piece of content that gets a million views on Instagram

perfect so the follow-up question is fit any client who is reluctant on creating that content I'm going to send them this video what would you tell him if they tell me Jeff I don't have time will and you don't get the benefits of the opportunity

don't have time to go to the gym

your fucking fat have time you weren't don't have time to you know spend a lot of hours with your children and give them wisdom in love you might have a more challenging relationship when they're older

don't have time don't get results

what I would tell them is they're making decisions and valuing something that's less valuable than this for the growth of their business

thank you

what's happening Gary I'm Dre Harris from Arizona I've been I've been dreaming about asking you a question I watch like 600 of your videos probably so yeah I'm a fan but I would consider myself like a recovering bro marketer if you will write I was like a total horror for every marketing tactic trick of the day all that bullshit right and so your content in large part has really been the Catalyst because when deployed against something more meaningful is going to create results

I believe you had all the time you know it's just a discipline change absolutely so has been the Catalyst for me and my business partner really kind of changing how we've been building a business for the last 18 months and so it's going well we're giving away a lot of free shift so talk to me in a year or something until you talk about right giving away your best stuff for free I think one of your recent quotes was fuck yourself and a trial and so you

don't let me explain I think it will help

I'm not against 7-Day trials I'm against the fact that the speed of the intent of that 7-Day trial was to get somebody in give them nothing to make them pay

so we are unbelievably incapable of not thinking about ourselves first

and so when somebody comes along that thinks about the other way she or he can describe.

that deck but I put out that a lot of people making money on took money out of people who sell $1,800 decks

that makes me happy

no doubt so valuable Mazel Tov but the reality is we got into place in internet marketing where that is not the case 98% of the time and that's something that I think you know should be disrupted no different than taxi cabs or bookstores if you do not bring value to the end consumer you should be disrupted

good yes are you a lot recently and some of your videos about like whoever can hold their breath the longest is going to win and so can you I guess kind of elaborate on that a little bit and

done thanks

I just don't understand that there's so many people here running smaller the reason so many people shops here smaller than they think they're taking too much money out of it

Portuguese scale you're not hiring anybody cuz you're buying stuff

there's not a person this room included that uses every room in the homes they own

I think about that shit a lot I'm like fuck

we will use any of these rooms I had the money back for you know that whole house thing that everybody got mad at me for go ahead I live in a studio I use all my space let's go

really put me in a good mood I was a great hug my dog doesn't like it so much but I get it so I quit my job my dog might

true to you might analyze the Barking in the eyes but people are confused by me all the time

back to Lake producing content like there's so many people that to me out the first time they see me because of the way I say something not what I'm saying they misinterpret the conviction or the energy plus I'm very different here on stage where you know I have the mic than I am when I enter I mean I'm sure Mary volume to have to say that a million times the way they interact on a one-on-one levels so different it just a nature the context of it you know there's a part of me that just watched too much Randy the Macho Man Savage and Richard Pryor That is not manifested in a bullshit version of those two in one you know and so I think that I think that your dog might love it I'll let him know I'll let him know if I quit my job like three years ago to like jumping. New ship. I fell flat on my face like two times then LinkedIn release video right and since then like I was one of the first creators and my company's gone I've literally gone for like OK negative $900 in my bank account to my

news about the past seven figures the one I want to say thank you to this is a weird question you said this like I was going to ask something fucking weird this is it never hug I try to get you earlier

about Libra

turn out.

Not yet

hi Gary this is Rafael from Mexico that you launch your YouTube on Spanish to start developing countries in Spanish to your company's there's a lot of people that you know speak and understand Spanish

what makes you take the next step people onto the next edition of

okay I want to remind everybody who uses the excuse that Gary has a team that I did it all by myself or nine years without one employee

and for all the old people here were active on Twitter in 2007 8 9 10 11 raise them you all know who was putting out the most replies and content

so what what did I see I always wanted to do it I just systematically went to each initiative that's my top priority and eventually had enough scale on my team to get into transcription at scale that I needed it's a good opportunity to start producing company Spanish Market yes I do think anybody who's confused by the growth of Latin flavor in our stomach it's funny when I hear people talk about having a division and it's really fun to have you marry because we had a lot of these conversations for bugging credible passion for her Heritage and her community like many do I would always say to her like we're not building a division

this is this is America

I think it's a huge opportunity and when you start digging and looking at the metrics Quantum qual I also think Spanglish is an incredible place where some of the content is half Spanish half English like the incredible opportunities I'm so fucking pissed I grew up I was born in Russia if I could have been born in a Spanish speaking country I'd be fucking dominating

total metal acuerdo

Hi how are you love your content

watch I love showing my

I got real D's and F's in languages I failed German one two times in a row on this ingrate literally freshman sophomore year and a New Jersey at the time you had the past two years of language to graduate high school I feel German one horribly both freshman and sophomore year on the thesis that German was just like Russian and then like think I big shout-out mrs. Kennedy my Spanish teacher I literally know three words in Spanish she called my mom like 4 days before I graduated and said missive internship I know we never spoke and I just want you to know that your son is going to pass and graduate high school but you need to know he doesn't know a fucking word

first of all I love you you're content I started watching you originally when I got into wine and kosher wine my buy wine library with Daniel rogoff a lot of those wine with you is very good on behalf of my community and everybody wants to know if I'm going to get a kosher sign on empathy wines but I get inspired by stuff like this and I will apps if you email me at Gary at vaynermedia I will put in a folder in my everything and when I go and have those meetings that's what I look at and I will ask the question of how were thinking about and things of that nature is neat and trout a really driving a lot of that boat but the answer is were talking a lot about empathy right now from sparkling Seltzer to cans to kosher to a lot of different conversation so it's a great time last question with all your media you're very into being yourself that's why I'm at cetera and the past 6 months maybe a little bit longer on live

then the curse words are beeped out how come

I believe that I want a community manage when people are pushing back and the LinkedIn community over a long. Of time really was getting quite loud at scale about the car singing and the reality is I believe equally and being yourself and always never being bigger than the audience itself so the beeping out is because I genuinely believe that it was becoming detrimental to the message and I didn't have the time like I did back in the day to every time it was out to go in and Community manage and reply to 44 people and apologized that that's throwing them off but telling them why it was important to me so I feel like I'm still being myself it's believed you know what I'm fucking saying get out so that's where I'm at awesome just for the last question I have an ad agency

it's really a couple thousand dollars a month lots of times have a client comes to me and managing their social me their pay me to $3,000 a month by the way could you design this brochure for us and by Nature I'm just a giving person I like to say yeah no problem will do that for you for free not charge anything extra but on the other hand I understand that people don't pay for it they don't value it so where do you draw the line

whatever your stomach is of the moment there's no right answer this question the amount of times I've done things for free that ended up being extremely right is enormous and the amount of times I've done things for free that ended up being a path of being overly taken advantage of that ultimately had negative repercussions including burned-out staff and many other things has been often as well I tend to be like yeah I tend to not scary you always talk about you know you know giving it all the stuff but I'm being taken advantage of them like you're choosing to being taken advantage of everybody is a big girl and boy in here you're more than welcome to say no more about to go through a big transformation. Vayner media we're creating a very uncomfortable minimum fee for yearly retainer or we're not going to talk to you. Just one rat now that's what I think is the right thing so I think it's a personal question and I think you should test both I always tell people ask for a little bit more money on the next scope

just as a testing mechanism because a lot of you of subjectively decided on your ceiling

or one person said no and you like fuck the market doesn't want it no one person doesn't want it

awesome thank you how you doing my name is Salvador first of all I want to say thank you man and I just for being here for everything that you share I move from Cuba to years ago and I learn English listening your apartment light

I don't know how to say motherfuker man

I got it that's amazing thank you so much for that honor how can I help you so my question

since we are using we are using an influencer to promote our brand and you know people that interact with our hearts and with our post they just arrived with the influencer we you know we split as we do live videos photos you know why people continue interact with the with influence of what we could do to her

thank you so much man

let me let me

buddy else to have leverage

you have the leverage if you feel like it's gotten out of hand you need to fire the ambulance or get a different. I think a lot of people should free influencers either in themselves one big thing that I loved if you have any animation skills in yourself or within your organization way more people need to get into the Mickey Mouse business your influential can be a cartoon and you get to on the cart the cartoon doesn't get drunk the cartoon doesn't have sexual harassment in the cartoon doesn't become a prima donna and want more money the cartoon is something you own little bee that I put out and there's only one of them that wasn't for kicks and Giggles I don't do anything for kissing you is like animation is something to consider or understand it's not about production value putting your head on a stick figure

literally drawing a stick figure and putting your head on it and then having post-production animation skills and doing voice overs so that you could do tons of things visually but you don't have to actually be doing them there's another good for your idea

I'm loaded with ideas this is about fucking execution

thank you so much

so in 2009 I ran across this video where a guy taught me the best wine to have a fruit loops head Labs we are an e-commerce development firm mainly Shopify in Bigcommerce

my main question right now if we are trying to convince brands that Tik Tok is real and a good placement so how are you actually convincing the brand but that's where money should be spent by telling them and not spending a second on it when they say no

the reason I went for the dramatic pause

is because I love you for asking this question because in the macro it is the biggest boner ability in the room the biggest phone really in this room is trying to convince The Uncommon symbol

I've done new business meetings that are scheduled for an hour and 16 minutes because as soon as I sent it was over I wanted the 45 minutes back

many thank you many of you and our industry

will have an 18th meeting with that person

I don't convince I put you on the record and then some people benefit and others figure it out later

thank you welcome

hey Gary first of all big fan thank you for being here so just for context my name is Marcel I run a company that helps digital agencies run more properly without wasting time on spreadsheet so we're about to launch B2B SAS you know about 3 k a r r price point if you're in my shoes what's the strategy that you're doubling down on to start off with giving it away for free to go back to the use of successfully okay well I guess you're getting a free copy of our software I like when you ladder up a show maybe a podcast around efficiency maybe a podcast called hidden costs it like if I was hiding I would say bro start a podcast called hidden costs the amount of money that people make decisions in the funniest ways they make decisions without realizing there's hidden costs you know why I Love Culture because we hiring somebody has a lot of hidden costs

I'm not going to give you a reason you know for $3,000 and then the person leaves

and they spent $6,000 to replace somebody that has no context

that's fucking dumb

got it so if you start to show called him and costs and you're different people on from HR from procurement of different stuff but the underlining is the innuendo with even the title is that your product is it good to know who you are you don't even need to mention the company is that your company is eliminating increase efficiencies and eliminating cost that's how I think about the World level up your thesis from a program even more value cuz all of us will listen if its 53 different topics of hidden cost but if it's just sass it won't understand the show right now is called the agency next week was good keep fucking going

hi Gary how are you doing good

I Michael bubble of how I'm coming from creative house in New York marketing Association

Mike my question is

imagine that you have nothing except your mindset and you are starting a marketing agency today what direction you're going to go what strategy going to apply

so what are things that you have to do when somebody pays you is you have to provide value against that payment so you're starting from scratch you need to sell the thing that you think your best

no matter what it is so for me what I'm best at is observing human behavior and understanding new ways to get people to know something

that's why social work for me that's why if I was starting today right now if it was as Bizarro World in today was they want everything the same for me I'm just coming out of business I would probably call my company Vader voice here's why I'm capable enough to sell some Consulting Scopes about where voice is going to keep me around to eventually be the best Deb shop on Alexa skills and Google home because I genuinely think that the voice device is the only potential I do not think it's guaranteed cuz I don't see the scale yet but it is in this is what I look about tick tock tick tock is Instagram's dead now I'm saying I'm saying Tik Tok is the first platform that I see that has the potential to become the next thing that's what I thought about Socialcam that's what I thought about Vine that's what I thought about snap that's what I thought about Instagram and Facebook cuz my space was fucking killing it

so that's what I would do but I have a pretty unique awesome skill enough salesmanship and enough ability to be right often enough in a short enough. Time to bet benefit from that what I would recommend is people to do what they're best at that is what I did with feiner just so everybody knows the first two years of all we did was Community Management on Twitter and Facebook

those aren't higher business nothing else

cuz that's what I was best that I wasn't best I created on Twitter in 2009 I wasn't I was greater

great one more question I made a bet with my friend that I'm going to shake a hand to do

I want half the fucking money

play some thank you brother

hi Gary this is Gloria from India so I've been into the voice first word for about a year-and-a-half the wife of people building Alexa schedule the Google actions and 1/2 years and you know the Google they don't share any data going to bed right now in that face right now in the space you know if our Discovery to solve the discovery problem to they'll build it when they feel like it's time

Discovery is a piece of cake it's just at the mercy of the platform somebody's looking at the wife of platform summer Discovery Point of View it's going to be to be on the mercy of Google and Amazon of the world pretty much is a crate of a media shop because it solves that our ability to create Discovery because of our ability to create content scale of contextual for every platform and Arbitrage against the media costs is greater than everybody else is on Earth that's gives me the opportunity to have a leverage Point against anybody who's building Alexa apps right now because I can create the part that they can't they become the commodity I have the leverage for somebody looking at building a product into this I only have until Amazon flips the switch and on Amazon.com or on every Amazon package

we're on Google's homepage there's Discovery for every app we live this it was called Apple apps it wasn't hard the first year and a half there was no discovery

and then there was somebody looking at building a product into this space uniform for Discovery in the white space what would you be up for the consumer like you're not being an agency and Deb shop your building for supper consumer be great at Discovery

I'll let you know what I mean a tree in the forest tree in the forest nobody knows you built the best app

somebody's going to build a better app in a year cuz the capabilities of any better have a fuck and that's what happens all the time

hey Jerry my name is Adrian Gonzalez I'm from New Mexico

Emma Gonzalez from New Mexico right now I'm the only person that's client-facing in my agency so I know the next higher is going to be something like an account manager my question for you I do a lot of local networking that's how I get all my clients I'm a question for you is how do you gracefully transition to giving him an account manager when they're really obsessed with you selling them me

so how do you how it how did you frame that from the beginning with with your agency, that's a lot of people come to you thinking it's

not true front you know just that gentleman the who talked about me always saying yes I'm telling you everybody's biggest vocab Edition is no

bless you

and it was really funny and some of you if you're very deep in my contact you may know what I'm about to say next in Russian Superstition when somebody sneezes right after a statement in means it's true so I appreciate that sneeze

cuz it came after a very important point that could have been glossed over the biggest word that everybody in this room needs to add is no

and it was hard at first because I have no other leverage now it's easier being his real but first it was me and this is Pepsi and GE this is not like you know and I'm like not me

I don't like what and I'm like yeah I'm like I'm the CEO and Building Company I'm here just by telling them the truth

video I'm just giving you this call from my number to let you know that you have to join my text Community a +21-293-157-3122 text

heidari my name is Mark gets meet you about six weeks ago back in Chicago we gave you one of these boxes want to make sure you get fresh breath thank you. The last seven weeks we've sent you one of each week to each of the office on awesome

so Gary about 20 floors up from here before I get there before I get there could I have Jason Goldie Sammy and I stand up for me

so Gary we came out here this week and instead of listening to all the sessions we decided to say fuck it let's go talk to strangers and meet some new people

and we said let's start a podcast while we're at it why not so these are first for guests will you be number five



so good

so fucking good

thank you so much

good I gave you my name is Queen Goss Rochester New York play I'm played in NFL for 2 years I'm free agent right now on my own Iron visuals either watch it's so funny right because one of the biggest Diggs I get currently is interrupting guests on the podcast which atrocious at but but it's funny why that is its and I've started doing better in the last week or two explaining why it is so that people don't completely hate me but the level of listening I do is far greater than a talking I do Adam and it's very confusing because you see me talking all the time but I'm fucking listening bro I have is the time where you had a high-ticket client comes to last minute and this is one of the video round and they wanted to get some work done in my situation it was a travel agency they wanted me to go to Cartagena Colombia to go film for 6 days declined in a row

check my prices they were trying to look like lowball me they didn't end up working together what do you want what have you done in a situation to try to get the client's actually work with you and report today like I just kind of put my Line in the Sand and I'm pathetic I try to explain to them why I think the value was there but make them you know very comfortably you don't understand if they want to go in a different direction than game you know it's people overthink it I would like who's going to Blink first or tactics like

people have no just business like people have a price for something else I'm always empathetic they may have a p&l issue they made value me way more than I'm even asking but they can't for some other reason but to your credit you didn't think that that was an exchange on the flip side when your company's very early I think you eat crow at scale because unique unique case studies you need context you know it just didn't work for you and that's okay too there is no right answer

I got it what's going on man I just want to say thank you to awesome hanging up by the way this is unbelievable so like I'm so sad right now and happy literally I want to extend this aggressively on the Q here is his last question need to call your daughter so I got to go but go quick but I clearly use that to make you feel fat it works so as a CEO taking a business you know working with clients that are bringing in like 50 200 mil what was the mindset shift that you had to work with the big boys like the Fortune 500

I let them come to me by being historically correct with what their customer was going to do

the reason I win often is because I'm not worried about the person in the middle

got it. I didn't change for them they changed for me why because I focused on you

the End customer is the leverage not the relationship with the person that writes the check

if you're playing long

perfect thanks get your daughter I love you guys

thank you

thank you so much

thank you
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