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Facebook Industry Quarterly Report (Q2 2019)

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A Facebook performance overview of a selected industry from 1 Apr, 2019 to 30 Jun, 2019, focusing on the major brands' pages in Hong Kong.

Sample Answer

What is the time range for this report?

  • Second Quarter of 2019 (1 Apr, 2019 to 30 Jun, 2019)

When is the report valid until?

  • View access is valid for 30 days

You can get the answers of the followings:

  • What is the industry performance benchmark?
  • Which brand is on the top?
  • When does each brand publish their posts?
  • Which post type was the most effective?
  • What are the posts details?
  • How many overlapping audiences are between brands?


What kind of industries are covered?

Industries in Hong Kong

  • Insurance - 18 Pages (i.e. Zurich, AIG, AIA Hong Kong, Bowtie, etc)
  • News Media - 20 Pages (i.e. Stand News, Apple Daily Hong Kong, PassionTimes, am730, etc)
  • Baby Formula - 20 Pages (i.e. Abbott, Frisomum, HiPP HK, etc)
  • Political Parties - 17 Pages (i.e. DAB, LabourParty HK, Liberal Party Hong Kong etc)
  • Shopping Mall - 20 Pages (i.e. K11, APM, D.Park etc)
  • Securities - 13 Pages (i.e. Futu Securities, Freeman Securities, HTIIS etc)

How can the answer help?

  • Compare major brands performance within the industry
  • Quickly find out the best performing content
  • Keep track with your industry posts content
  • Easily spot overlapping audience across industries
  • Discover collaboration opportunities


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