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HeatMap 3 day pass - Hong Kong's top trending keywords

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Curious to find out what are the hottest keywords on the internet nowadays? Try out the Deeploook.ai One Day Pass. You can enjoy monitorsing the most discussed and searched keywords in real time and finding its correlated keywords.

Sample Answer

Why do I need this answer?

Are you concerned that you’re missing something big or important? Afraid that you won’t know what’s being discussed around the water cooler tomorrow? Worried that something is happening in the world right now that you don’t know anything about that you’re missing out on some very lucrative keyword opportunities?

Worry no more!

Deeplook.ai will help you stay in the know - hottest keywords that are using on the news, social media, forums, and Google searches on Hong Kong. You will be informed not just day by day, but even minutes by minutes. Never get left at the back again!

What can you get?

  • Find out mostly used keywords on the news in real time
  • Explore hottest discussed keywords on forums and social media
  • Predict which topic is going to go viral
  • Discover the keyword trend
  • Read recent posts or news related to keyword

How does the answer help?

  • If you are a PR, you can prevent the next PR crisis
  • If you are a digital PR, you can use it for Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • If you are a political PR, you can avoid PR nightmares, stop the public’s further discussion before it goes ugly
  • If you are a content writer, you can publish trendy content to engage with more people
  • If you are a blogger, you can discover interesting pieces for Derivative work

How does it work?

This answer is a result of the calculation of the unstructured data in news media, discussion posts, audiences' responses and search frequency at Google in the past 24 hours. A Trend Moving Average (TMA) predictive model is being used to predict the chances of the news enquired to be trending over the Internet in the next 24 hours.


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About the Creators

Deeplook.ai是一家互聯網內容監測服務提供商,採用最新的人工智能技術,主要專注於文本識別和機器學習。它監控各個香港網上社區的參與,評論,發布的在線內容(PGC)和用戶生成內容(UGC),包括1,200個Facebook粉絲頁面和主要論壇和網站,以分析標籤詞的最新趨勢, 實時參與指標並預測即將到來的趨勢。

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