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Collecting the buzzing keywords at this moment in HK

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Are you afraid that you're missing out an important event? Knowing what's being discussed around and what's happening right now is essential for PR and content write to find out the latest trend. This displays a list of the top 20 keywords for past hour from thousands and thousands ofnews articles.

Sample Answer

Why do I need this answer?

No matter you are PR manager, content creator or brand owner, you always want to find out what is hot in the market? Which topic is gaining most interactions in Hong Kong? You need to get involved in the most important, vibrant, or talked about conversation of the last hours. With this information you can look out for upcoming trends for you to focus on and how to response on specific PR crisis or creating more trendy and interesting posts for your promotion strategy.

What can you get?

  • Find out top 20 hottest keywords from online news (almost real time)
  • Discover new keywords and uprising keywords
  • Explore Google results of these topics or keywords

How does the answer help?

  • If you are a reporter, you can look for news stories
  • If you are a brand manager, you can prevent the next PR crisis
  • If you are a writer, you will never run out of post and blog ideas

How does it work?

The answer is a result of using A.I. and NLP (Natural Language Processing). We go through all topics and articles in Hong Kong major news media, finding which keywords are highly interacted with them.


Step 1:
Select how many few hours before
Select how many few hours before

About the Creators

Deeplook.ai是一家互聯網內容監測服務提供商,採用最新的人工智能技術,主要專注於文本識別和機器學習。它監控各個香港網上社區的參與,評論,發布的在線內容(PGC)和用戶生成內容(UGC),包括1,200個Facebook粉絲頁面和主要論壇和網站,以分析標籤詞的最新趨勢, 實時參與指標並預測即將到來的趨勢。

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