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(theAnswr-00001-01)Who dominates this keyword in Google Hong Kong?

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Ever wonder why your company website does not show up on the first page keyword result, that’s because other sites are dominating this keyword. Find out who they are now!

Sample Answer

Why do I need this answer?

We build this product because we know the first thing you see on a search results page will shape your thinking afterward. Thus, it is essential to know which sites dominate the keywords. It will help you better understand who are you competing with and better set your marketing direction.

What can you get?

  • The domains have dominated this keyword
  • The categories have dominated this keyword

How does the answer help?

  • Get to know which sites are the best at optimizing specific keywords
  • Check if the keywords of your business show in the relevant categories
  • Evaluate your existing keyword strategy
  • Find out who are your direct competitors
  • Potentially reveals your marketing partnerships

How does it work?

We retrieve the top 50 Google Hong Kong search results of a keyword, then analyze, highlight overlapping domain names, and classify into different categories based on rankings.


Step 1:
Search Keyword
Search Keyword

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