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The first thing you see on a search results page will shape your thinking easily. By retrieving the keyword top 50 Google HK search results, you may receive a ranking table of the influenced domain base on influence level.

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Why do I need this answer?

We build this product because we know the first thing you see on a search results page will shape your thinking afterward. Thus, it is essential to know which sites influence your keyword. Do these websites mention your keyword? Does these websites accurately reflect who you are and what you do? Is every single result accurate, up-to-date and positive? Even if the results are not overtly negative and are reasonably accurate, they can always be improved.

Have a good look, and see where could be better, or you may set out if you need to work with any party to improve your keyword's image. This answer will help you better understand who are you competing with and better set your marketing direction.

What can you get?

  • The websites who are influencing your keyword
  • The influence level of the website for your keyword

How does the answer help?

  • Get to know which sites are the best at optimizing specific keywords
  • Evaluate your existing keyword strategy
  • Find out who are your direct competitors
  • Potentially reveals your marketing partnerships

How does it work?

We retrieve the top 50 Google Hong Kong search results of a keyword, then analyze, highlight overlapping domain names, and arrange them into orders base on influence level.


Step 1:
A keyword which you want to research.
A keyword which you want to research.
Step 2:
Google Search Location
Google Search Location

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