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Which are the most valuable keywords in this domain? How many traffic are generated from organic keywords? Entering the URL to analyze will provide you with the number of words in your opponent’s keywords, including search engine, search volume, and average position.

Sample Answer

Ranking number one is not the best keyword strategy. Imagine if a website has lots of high rankings keywords but with low search volume, do you think it can generate many traffics? It is important to discover valuable keywords, those which can lead to more traffics by search volume and positions.

What can you get?

  • Number of organic keywords within 1st to 100th positions
  • Estimated traffic from organic keywords
  • Position distribution of organic keywords
  • Top 30 most valuable keywords 

How does the answer help?

  • Find out the strength of your opponent's keyword strategy
  • Get inspirations for SEM and SEO keywords
  • Make better strategic decisions based on competitive analytics

How does it work?

The data center is made up of many high-performance servers that analyze more than one billion data per day and process large amounts of data up to 10 terabytes per week. Through such data management and integration, accurate and reliable analysis results can be obtained.



Step 1:
Website URL
Website URL
Step 2:
Google Search Location
Google Search Location

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