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What taggings should I put to increase my article’s searchability on Google?

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Traffic of a page/site defines its success nowadays, more traffic means more money. To drive more traffic, your site needs to get to the top of Google search.

Sample Answer

Getting your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) set up correctly can help potential customers find you. In order to achieve this, you need to know the most relevant and popular keywords and meta-tags for your article and in the longer run it will allow you to:
- Bring in more traffic and new business opportunities
- Stay on top of customers’ mind when they look for the relative products/services
- Become popular
When users google, they usually check up to 1-2 pages of the search results. Even though your content is relevant to the search, if it does not stay on top of the search pages, your customer can never find you. Our engine will help you find out what are the important keywords and meta tags that are able to earn highest relevance and link-based PageRank scores, which ultimately allows your article to stay on the higher position and reach out to more potential customers.
The engine enables a suite of content analyzers to provide multiple views into the content of your article. A set of alternative keywords will be recommended to you base on your article, and the most popular keywords in the search engine.


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