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Find long tail keywords from Baidu Search

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Enter a seed keyword and we will generate a list of long tail keywords based on the most commonly used from Baidu Search users.

Sample Answer

What can you get?

  • Long tail keyword list with search volume on mobile
  • Long tail keyword list with search volume on PC
  • Long tail keyword list with bidding company count
  • Long tail keyword list with search results count


How can the answer help?

  • Find out what terms will people use while searching this keyword on Baidu Search
  • Discover high volume suggested keywords, add them into your product description, webpage or blogs, increasing your website appearance in Baidu search
  • From "bidding company count" to find how how many companies are doing SEM promotion on such keyword


How does it work?

Data are collecting from Baidu Search.


Step 1:
Simplified Chinese Keyword
Simplified Chinese Keyword

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