Bitly link performance in past 6 months

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Is this bitly link still a hit? How many clicks does this link received in the past 6 months? Am I doing better than my competitor? We collected all bitly links performance from and convert them into infographics.

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Why do I need this answer? is a popular tool nowadays. Marketers use for shortening URL while posting on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They transform longer URLs into links that never exceed 20 characters. When marketers use, they can efficiently manage the links, track and compile click data.

Most of the is used on campaigns. You may see how the link perform in 6 months from the create date.

What can you get?

  • Total number of clicks for this for first 6 months since creation
  • Number of clicks where your customers are coming from for first 6 months since creation
  • Number of clicks acquired from different locations for first 6 months since creation

How does the answer help?

  • Spontaneous find out if the link is performing good or not
  • Track competitors’ campaigns performance for setting your own strategy
  • Take measures to improve your own social campaigns
  • Understand what interests your target customers
  • Helps you better create more targeted content

How does it work?

We will analyze and convert the performance of the links into infographics. Performance is based on data collected for the first 6 months since creation.


Step 1:
Bitly URL
Bitly URL

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