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Write an article about your product that utilizes popular keywords in Mainland China
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Enter some seed keywords to help generate a list of recommended popular keywords used on Baidu Search – related search volumes and ranking statistics will also be shown.

Steps needed:
  • 1 Input 2-5 seed keywords that are used in the article to be used as a base for the search
  • 2 Identify which are the most popular products (keywords?) based on Baidu Search statistics
  • 3 Find out what information is more important to know about a product, based on the social media and e-commerce search patterns; which can be included into your article.
  • 4 Add related products to your article.
  • 5 Use the content pillar to write an article.
  • 6 Check if your created content includes risk keywords posted in mainland China.
MicroAnalytics included:
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Can I post this article to China?
Surely when you upload content to a website you want people to view it, but what if under some circumstances it is not being seen by the public? You can spend a few seconds to check if the content has the risk regarding not accessible in China here.
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Enter a seed keyword and we will generate a list of long tail keywords based on the most commonly used from Baidu Search users.
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