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How to analyze your competitor’s online marketing strategy by using their website URLs
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Learn more about your competitor’s online marketing strategy to identify opportunities to stay ahead of the market.

Steps needed:
  • 1 Input 1 - 5 of your main competitor’s websites for the analysis.
  • 2 Find out which channels drive consumers to connect the brand
  • 3 Review the success rate of your competitor's SEO strategy to determine your strategy to optimize your search channels.
  • 4 To get additional information on your competitors, review your competitor’s search engine keyword rankings for further comparison.
  • 5 Retrieve information to analyze the effectiveness of your competitor’s social media marketing on Facebook.
MicroAnalytics included:
Track URL interactions on Facebook
Simply input URLs and track their performance on Facebook in number of reactions, shares and comments. We can look up max 5 URLs per time.
Keywords Search Result Position Spotlight
Wanna get a SEO check up to find out your existing SEO performance? You may reveal which keywords are ranking in the higest position and easily to be found on Google Search Results.
Valuable Organic Keywords Finder
Which are the most valuable keywords in this domain? How many traffic are generated from organic keywords? Entering the URL to analyze will provide you with the number of words in your opponent’s keywords, including search engine, search volume, and average position.
Website traffic analysis monthly report
Want to see all the competitors' traffic? Trying to win the market? You may find the website visiting number and which platform drives most traffics to the site. Benchmark your market is just one click away.
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