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Identify the most popular brands and product lines to stock in your store (Google)
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Google is the key channel to bring traffics; it is important to identify keywords to drive more search hits. This playbook will help to identify 4-20 keywords helping writers to create articles that will be popularly searched on Google.

Steps needed:
  • 1 Consider a list of brands that your store is considering to stock.
  • 2 Evaluate the market interest in the brand based on Google search volume
  • 3 Identify from the related search volume, which type of products is drawing the most interest in the brand.
  • 4 Identify from the related search volume, which product models is drawing the most interest in the specific products
MicroAnalytics included:
Find the suggested keywords of a Google search keyword
Lack of keyword ideas? We will generate a list of 30 suggested keywords for you based on what is people are typing most into Google Search. You’ll also see volume, the competition, and even cost per click for each keyword.
Find the search volume of the Google search keywords
Keywords with high search volume will make your website appear more frequently on searching. Simply input some keywords and you will find the search volume and its trend over 1 year and discover the hot keywords.
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Jarvis Ho
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