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Identify keywords to include in your articles to be more effectively searched on Google
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Many companies write one or more articles per day to help attract customers. As one of the key channels to attract traffic is through Google; it is important to identify related keywords that can be included in the article to drive more search hits.

Steps needed:
  • 1 Input 1-5 seed keywords that are used in the article to be used as a base for the search.
  • 2 Find suggested words related to seed keywords that can help to be more effective for Google
  • 3 Using the website of another popular company or article to identify keywords that are used to find this article.
  • 4 Review the popular keywords for your own website hits in the past, to leverage them for your article.
MicroAnalytics included:
Valuable Organic Keywords Finder
Which are the most valuable keywords in this domain? How many traffic are generated from organic keywords? Entering the URL to analyze will provide you with the number of words in your opponent’s keywords, including search engine, search volume, and average position.
Find the suggested keywords of a Google search keyword
Lack of keyword ideas? We will generate a list of 30 suggested keywords for you based on what is people are typing most into Google Search. You’ll also see volume, the competition, and even cost per click for each keyword.
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